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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is The Foundation needed?

The United States Army Warrant Officers Association has served the needs of its members and their families in the active, reserve, and retired military community since 1972. During that period the organization has noted the growing need for financial assistance to cover higher education costs and in fact started a formal scholarship program years ago. While the membership has strongly supported this effort through its donations, it was also apparent that more funding was required. After intensive investigation it was decided that the creation of a foundation could best generate funding to support this effort through both membership and outside donations.

What are examples of financial problems being faced?

While many family members have demonstrated the skills and knowledge to progress further in their search for education, the varying conditions encountered by military families work against the development of contacts and association that would help fund such programs. The military?s program of repeated changes of duty stations that allow the service member to develop and grow do not allow the development of firm community relationships that frequently can be utilized to gain financial support for the students and other family members.

Why is The Foundation uniquely positioned to help?

The Foundation can leverage it’s experience, support, and the members helping their own philosophy, combined with the foundation’s fundraising capacity as a 501(c)3 organization, to grow funding capabilities and increase the assistance the foundation can give to members and their families. An entire infrastructure does not need to be built to serve those who need assistance.

What is The Foundation’s goal?

Simply stated, the goal of The Foundation is to help these individuals realize the American Dream: a formal education leading to financial security, a home, a car, and a secure retirement.

What does it take to start a foundation?

It takes a lot of time and work to ensure that all these sequential steps, which build upon the progress of the prior steps, are covered:

  • all legal requirements must be met
  • a volunteer organizational structure to ensure accountability to all stakeholders must be in place
  • a fundraising structure to generate money to implement an increased number of annual scholarships
  • a strategic plan for the continued growth of the program until we can meet all requests for financial assistance.

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